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343 is charging $5 for the color purple. Speak up now or this is our future with the Halo series.

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You can't time travel, but your phone has the internet from 5 years in the future. What do you search for first?

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Barack Obama meets a future voter in Philadelphia today

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You are visited by someone claiming to be you from the future, how do you make them prove they’re you?

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LPT: If you roommate ever cooks a meal and lets you eat it with them, do all of the dishes unprompted. It's polite, shows respect for the work your roommate put into it, saves them the hassle, and makes them far more likely to do so again in the future. Cooking for them later would be a good idea.

Edit: I was the cleaner in this case, I’m not a passive-aggressive poster. It’s more of a “Hey there! Found yourself in the great position of having a roommate occasionally cooking for you? Don’t F it up by forgetting to clean!”
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But what about my future self!?!?1!

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Apple Says iPhone 5c Now 'Vintage' And Limits Future Support

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"Keep it in your pants, your future spouse will thank you." A youth pastor I know tells his students this all the time. Why are Christians so obsessed with the sex lives of teenagers, particularly girls? It sends the message that the only thing of value they bring to a relationship is virginity.

First, the obsession that many Christians have with the sex lives of teenagers is really creepy.
Furthermore, this sends a horrible message to teenagers, particularly teenage girls.
By saying "your future spouse will thank you," it is implied that future spouses value virginity over personality, character, humor, interests.... you know, the things you're supposed to care about when picking a spouse.
It sends the message that the entire relationship is dependent on sexual purity, and that those who have had sex, or been sexually assaulted, are of lesser value.
It is a horrible fucking message to send, and I wish religious leaders would cut that shit out.
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Second session on my hate tattoo removal. You can’t change the past but you can make the future

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There is no future-proof, stop overspending on stuff you don't need

There is no component today that will provide "future-proofing" to your PC.
No component in today's market will be of any relevance 5 years from now, safe the graphics card that might maybe be on par with low-end cards from 5 years in the future.
Build a PC with components that satisfy your current needs, and be open to upgrades down the road. That's the good part about having a custom build: you can upgrade it as you go, and only spend for the single hardware piece you need an upgrade for

edit: yeah it's cool that the PC you built 5 years ago for 2500$ is "still great" because it runs like 800$ machines with current hardware.
You could've built the PC you needed back then, and have enough money left to build a new one today, or you could've used that money to gradually upgrade pieces and have an up-to-date machine, that's my point
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Disney pricing their new releases at $30 on top of regular Disney+ subscription sets a bad precedence for future of streaming

With release of Mulan at $30 on Disney+ even if you had a subscription doesn't really bode well for us consumers in future where we have to shell out extra money even after paying for 3-4 subscriptions already on average (Netflix, Disney+, Prime, HBO). Some of the companies in India have already started following Disney's lead and putting new movies out of subscription for $35 to $40 rent. This was really scummy from Disney when they increased the subscription price by 50% here when lockdown started. I wouldn't mind paying a little bit extra as a part of annual subscription to offset for new movies but selling them out of subscription is bad for consumers and with a big company like Disney leading the charge, most of the local smaller companies will follow. How is it in your respective countries? Have your local language streaming platforms started doing something similar?
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Lindsey Graham’s national popularity plummets as he fights for political future, poll finds

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He's investing for his future

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Stock futures soar as Wall Street predicts Joe Biden will win

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Hackers begone! New Updates to be seen in the future.

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Hello from the future

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We voted today so this little girl can have a better future!

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TIL that when future US President Lyndon B. Johnson was Senate majority leader, he instructed his staff to make his scotch and soda significantly weaker than his guest’s, so that he could keep a clearer head

TIL that when future US President Lyndon B. Johnson was Senate majority leader, he instructed his staff to make his scotch and soda significantly weaker than his guest’s, so that he could keep a clearer head submitted by malalatargaryen to todayilearned [link] [comments]

AITA for using my future Mother in Laws own line on her?

I (28F) and my fiancé (28m) have been together 9 years, since sophomore year of college, engaged since October 2019. My future MIL (54f) has 3 sons, of which my fiancé is the oldest. She is very much into being matriarch and hates the idea of her little babies growing up and moving on with their lives. She cried for days when me and fiancé (then boyfriend) moved into an apartment together after graduating college and asked fiancé if I forced him to do it.
I was never invited to my future in laws home for Thanksgiving or Christmas because that was “for family only.” My fiancé threw down to have me invited in 2019 after we got engaged. I was excluded from photos because those were “for family only” and I was “only a fiancé not a wife.” My future brother in law’s girlfriend still gets the same treatment.
MIL recently caught wind (from fiancé) of my plans to go wedding dress shopping with my mom, sister, and cousin. She assumed she was invited and called me to ask what day and time. I said oh no it will just be me, mom, sister, and cousin. She was clearly upset and asked why can’t I come. I said oh it’s for family only, I am sure you understand. She sputtered something about having to go and hung up.
She later whined to fiancé about how I was being mean excluding her from his experience since she has no daughters. Fiancé and his brother with a girlfriend thought it was hilarious (as did the girlfriend) and love that I turned the tables on her in a way she can’t protest against without being a marked as a hypocrite. Fiancé’s youngest brother things I’m being mean to her for no reason and I should be considerate of the fact she has no daughters and let her share this experience.
I don’t want her there because I want to enjoy with the loved ones and I frankly don’t want to include someone in an experience like that who made a point of excluding me.
So Reddit, AITA?
Edit: Wow thanks so much for the support everyone. To answer some questions, the first two years we dated I had no desire in going to the in laws for the holidays, third year was my senior year in college and the first time my fiancé wanted me to come, she said no but hey we didn’t fight it. Subsequent years fiancé was getting more and more worked up but I told him not to rock the boat. I am very level headed and calm and I know better than to enter into open conflict with a crazy person. He’s going to shut her down if she keeps whining.
Edit 2: Well she called my mom and asked if she could come 😂 My mom said that was not her decision, and to ask me. She seemed to think my mother could command me to invite her, probably because she operates that way. She then told fiancé to give me a list of rules for my dress which include: no strapless, no halter, no sweetheart neckline, not too tight, and not too much cleavage. She wants me to look “classy.” I am an accountant at a global accounting firm yet she somehow thinks I’m going to embarrass her by not looking classy? Fiancé sent her a text “Mom, you’re smothering us. This is none of your business so stop it.” She’s called him 9 times in the last hour since she got that text 🤣
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I'm in AR41, and I'll be polite, but resources in this game have to change for a better future.

I'm hoping Mihoyo will listen to this. I am going to try my best to be respectful and constructive despite some of the hopeless emotions I am feeling about this issue at the moment.
World Level Preparation
The reality of being in AR41 has really caused me to start panicking. I'm really starting to realize that being on top of resources before the next World Level change is not going to be possible like it had been in the past.
If Mihoyo is going to lock almost every aspect of progression behind resin, then I can only conclude that it will be impossible to progress even a 4-character party to the next world level from 40 to 45. I don't see a path where I can get 3-4 characters to 80, max out their talents, and ensure I have enough junk artifacts to keep everyone supplied.
Because the Spiral Abyss system demands investing into other characters (at least to some extent), it has actually punished me greatly by taking away resources that I sort of wish I saved for just 3 characters. The game doesn't stop you from doing this - but it really punishes your account hard even if you just level a few extra characters to 60. I actually really regret pursuing this mode... I feel like this mode should have not be released so people could just focus on their core team for now. It gives the wrong impression about what you should do with your resources.
Currently, I have Dilic at 78/80, Venti at 70/80, Fischl at 70/80 and a few other characters at 60/60. I don't see, after being half-way through AR41, how I will get them all to level 80 and do other upgrades for them by the time I get to AR45.
The Gacha
If that wasn't enough, the gacha system doesn't even make any sense to me. What I'd like to sincerely ask is... why would I pull for new characters so late into my adventure rank when the reality is that there is no ability to use them? There won't be enough resources. I'm kind of excited for Zhongli, but the reality is that if I were to save enough resources for him for when I get him, the rest of my current team will really suffer. I have to imagine everyone is feeling that.
I haven't done a lot of spending, but I am a light spender. I bought the battle pass, a few instances of the welkin moon blessing, and the $60 top-up package. If I hadn't gotten lucky getting Diluc and Venti in my first 30 wishes, I have say, I'd be very underwhelmed with all the wishes I've done since then. I don't want to sound like I am complaining - I know I got 2 really good characters early - but the rates feel terrible to me coming from a game like Fire Emblem Heroes.
You could hypothetically make the rates 400% better and still make a killing on this game, no? :/ You're sitting on one of the best games ever made and I feel like some of its systems are really ruining it. It's time to break away from conventional gacha systems and think bigger. You can change the world - you're really close - but you're going to miss it.
Unused Characters
I have a lot of other really awesome characters in my barracks too... characters I'm sure a lot us love...
Sadly, a lot of my characters are level 1 or level 10 and I just can't use them, and I will probably never have the resources to build them for at least 6 months, maybe more. Why is the game designed like this? It honestly makes me feel sad. I want to build them and I can't. I can't even no-life my way to achieve this - it's literally not possible.
I think some things should not be locked behind resin - let's ease off on some of the less important resources. For example, I really wish a LOT of mora, character xp and junk artifacts would drop in the world at higher world levels. I think we're placing way too much emphasis on character xp manuals, and that particular leyline is an extremely bad deal when we only get 3-4 purple manuals for 20 resin.
Assuming the average of 3.5 books per leyline, the game asks me to spend a total of ~1371 resin to get 3 characters from level 70 to 80. That's spending about 8 days of resin just doing xp manual leylines - not doing bosses, mora leylines, working on talents or anything else :( On top of this, I need an additional 966,600 mora as well, which is another 371 resin - another 2 days.
Mathematically, nobody will be prepared for the AR45 World Level increase. I'm getting extremely stressed out by it now. Whaling on resin wouldn't even help the situation since it would just increase my Adventure Rank faster and I feel unprepared as it is.
From a game design perspective, the Adventure Rank already caps levels quite well... so I am not sure why making character leveling so grindy in addition to the level cap Adventure Rank places on us is necessary. I hope you can see that this is unreasonable - the math is just not working out here and the resource requirements and collection need to be eased. I really hope the foundation for progression in your game is not doing leylines for 10 days (and it would get 3x worse when you want to take 3 characters to level 90...)
Ideally, this is the happy scenario I would love to see in your game.
Let's assume that after hitting AR40, I immediately ascend 3 characters at level 70 because I was a good gamer and I was prepared. After I log in and do my dailies and spend my resin, I'd love to be able to just farm enemies all over the world for character xp, mora and lots of junk 1 to 3 star artifacts. My hope would be that by the time I get to AR45, my entire party of level 70 characters would have accumulated enough character xp naturally to not require xp manuals at all.
And to make the gacha feel a lot better, I feel very strongly that character xp manuals should really be saved so that new pulls can be leveled-up to match the rest of your team more quickly - they should not be the only source of character xp in the game. I have to be honest: It feels really bad spending 90 or 180 Acquaint Fates (which currently translates to a lot of money) and still not be able to actually use the character for many weeks or months after you wished for them. That feels really, really bad to me.
Anyway, I really hope you're listening. I really love your game and I think it can be one of the best games in the world, but to be honest, if this resource situation is not dramatically fixed in the next few weeks, I think it's quite possible I would just stop playing as I'm getting really stressed out now and I'm feeling hopeless. Please do the right thing. If you do, I will be a supporter of game and promise to spend at least $20/month on your game for years to come, and more on occasion since I do have disposable income. The choice is really yours. Make it a good one.
Thanks for listening.
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not a joke, 'tis the FUTURE

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What's a relatively unknown technological invention that will have a huge impact on the future?

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Futures: Contracts & Trading Explained ⏱🔮 - YouTube Understanding Futures Margin  Fundamentals of Futures ... Optionen und Futures für Einsteiger II – So geht ihr ... Investing Basics: Futures - YouTube Optionen und Futures für Einsteiger mit Stefan Toetzke ...

Futures sind jedoch nicht nur für Spekulanten attraktive Finanzprodukte. Auch private Anleger haben mittlerweile Zugang zu den Terminbörsen und können dank der geringen Sicherheitsleistung von ihnen profitieren. Besonders Futures auf Rohstoffe, die den Preis des Basiswerts sehr gut abbilden, können als kleiner Teil eine interessante Beimischung in deiner persönlichen Asset Allocation sein ... Der Futures-Handel ist neben Optionen die häufigste Form von Börsentermingeschäften. Je nach Basiswert unterscheidet man financial futures, interest rate futures und commodity futures. Aktienindex-Futures: Aktuelle Kurse (vorbörslich) und Charts zu Dow Jones, S&P 500 und Nasdaq. Die Tabelle umfasst die weltweit Top 31 Index-Futures. Futures, Terminkontrakte, Terminbörse, Spekulation . Futures (Terminkontrakte) sind bindende Börsenverträge zwischen zwei Parteien. Unterschieden wird zwischen Futures, die sich auf Wertpapiere ... Futures sind standardisierte Terminkontrakte oder Termingeschäfte, die den Käufer dazu verpflichten, Rohstoffe oder Finanzprodukte zu einem vorher bestimmten Termin in der Zukunft, zu einem ...

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Futures: Contracts & Trading Explained ⏱🔮 - YouTube

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